Welcome to Atitude Farmacêutica

ATITUDE FARMACÊUTICA is a company that provides consulting and advisory in ANVISA records product registration area and regulatory affairs.

The scope of our work is to provide guidance and services in the technical-regulatory area in the various sectors of Health.

Our team has technical skill, competence and professional experience of over 15 years to provide the following services:

• Regulation of sites with the competent organs
• Implementation / adaptation to the health standards (RDCs, Ordinances)
External audits Internase
• Training of pharmacists
• Registration of products (medicines, food and cosmetics and health products (related)
echnical and scientific development
• Development of health education campaigns, adding value to the services provided by the company
Health Law Business and Labor
Motivation and Quality Courses

The philosophy of ATITUDE FARMACÊUTICA is to always fit the needs of the client, acting as a true partner, facilitating, accelerating, solving the challenging issues that arise in the pharmaceutical universe.

The customer is the most important part of our company, so our main goal is to meet your needs, solve your problems and help you overcome difficulties. To achieve this goal, we put all our potential at your service for the growth of your company.

Attitude Pharmaceutical innovates in Attitude Courses - express training courses to pharmacists, taught by renowned professionals. In Company courses and practical/pragmatic trainings . Check the schedule of courses in Atitude Cursos link.