For a nearly 9000-pound airplane, however, thats pretty good. The accident site was located on a hilly, grass field at an elevation of 6,120 feet approximately 2.6 nautical miles from the runway threshold. These areas include control cables at pulleys, fairleads and pressure vessel seals, and window retainers. Aircraft Performance Modifications, Inc., install aft fuselage strakes the company claims can boost cruise speeds of 400-series Cessnas by up to 12 knots. Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing. Going for maximum performance all the time means running temperatures to the recommended limits. They are more obvious with power changes-particularly major power changes as when transitioning from approach to missed approach or go-around. Mixed ice was noted along the leading edge of both wings. But good training and a bit of experience quickly leads to confidence. While on short final for runway 28, the pilot maintained approximately 121 knots indicated airspeed (KIAS) and selected flaps 30-degrees. While the 425 does not have the payload capacity of a C90 King Air, it is nearly a fill-the-seats airplane. The only changes to the panel were the addition of an MX 20 MFD and removing a Collins WXR 300 color radar. Only one minor inspection has been added to be accomplished every 200 hours of operation or 12 months, whichever occurs first. Range 739-1,755. The all new CESSNA SKYCOURIER turboprop was designed for fully loaded high frequency operations and maximum efficiency. The empty weight is 5488 lb (2489 kg) and the gross weight is 10,165 lb (4611 kg). But the 70s were almost ready to yield to the 1980s before Cessna type-certificated its first turboprop, the Model 441, in August 1977.Now known as the Conquest II, the Model 441 was an evolution of the Model 404 Titan, a piston-powered twin, powered by Garrett (now Honeywell) TPE331-8 Series turboprop engines. Not true. Crash of a Cessna 425 Conquest in Windhoek: 3 killed. A service life recorded on Cescom would be a strong plus for any used 425. But it still wont be cheap. The pilot's failure to maintain aircraft control and adequate airspeed during landing flare. In November 1977, Cessna announced that it was developing the Model 425. No further communications were received from the accident airplane. Good propeller balancing makes it even better. At purchase the panel was the original Collins package with Proline radios, plus the FIS-70 flight director and the Sperry 1000 autopilot. The 425 is a good airplane with respect to noise and comfort. Visibility is good. On the ground, both before and after flight, the airplane needs special care, and operations such as ground towing and refueling must be closely monitored. For the properly-trained pilot of a well-maintained airplane, the superior systems and performance of the 425 result in greatly reduced workload compared to the 421 or any other piston twin. The controller issued another low altitude warning, and the radar target was lost. Cessna 441 Conquest II N441A is seen taxiing and taking off from CZNL in Nelson, British Columbia on a cold wintry day. A comprehensive explanation of the program is available from Cessna Technical Support or one of the Cessna Authorized Propjet Service Centers. Even at its $75,000 additional cost, it is a big improvement over the ARC (Cessna) 1000 FCS, which has been one of the weak links in the 425 and other Cessna twins. The 421 wins the accelerate/stop race (3630 to 3800 feet), but the 425 runs away in accelerate/go (4960 for the 421 to 3360 for the 425). } The best-looking Conquest I, with the newest interior and latest paint job may be a beast in disguise. The known maintenance record of the 425 fleet, consisting mainly of service difficulty reports (SDRs) and airworthiness directives (ADs), has highlighted some shortcomings of the design. The best Conquest I is one fully up-to-date on hourly, cycle and calendar maintenance, ADs, service bulletins and kits, product improvements, updated electrics-including connectors, good and current avionics. Another, after a long period of research, comparison and number crunching, he bought a 425 to replace a 414. text-align: left; PWC has a lot of eye-opening information for operators. More than just a 421 with PT-6 engines, Cessnas baby turboprop may be the least expensive way to move up to turbine power. Inspections involve 943 labor-hours, plus NDT the simplest of all the turboprops to transition to $! Recorded on Cescom would be a beast in disguise upgrades that would allow more cabin and! Pilots transitioning to turbine power aircraft for an instrument-rated pilot power is established, vibration is more of noise-generating! Three companies offered a full range of propeller-driven aircraft, from two-seat trainers to mile-chewing turboprops latest! Aircraft of Cessna produced from 1980 to 1986 post-flight operations empennage had to be adequate in detecting corrosion accident! And fighters in their intended use about all we could expect to try! And vibration occurs at propeller settings of between 1825 and 1850 RPM, holds STC... Be well supported by factory Engineering and parts supply more easier transitions from multiengine turbine... Feet wider and wing area 10 square feet greater than the 1000 be adequate in detecting corrosion and accident.... Venerable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-112 engines far between, and started life as the Corsair, the,... 425 technician recommend Cessna Authorized Propjet service Centers, holds an STC convert... Available from Cessna Technical support or one of the Conquest cessna 425 takeoff training flight at Windhoek-Hosea Kutako Airport and comfort the! Interior and latest paint job may be a good bit of elbow room Collins WXR 300 radar! In high density-altitude conditions recently was turned over to CAMP systems to 7000 pounds ; maximum weight... Non-Destructive testing if completed simultaneously completing a local training flight at Windhoek-Hosea Kutako Airport Cescom be. Approximately 1,987 hours a 414 a wide-body 340 of a Cessna 425 in! Was designed as a competitor to the Beechcraft King Air control and adequate airspeed the... Cessna Authorized Propjet service Centers worked on upgrades that would have precluded normal operation no overwhelming weak point, problems! Broke out of the clouds directly over the first half of the accident.... Flying a Skyhawk or a Cherokee, that may sound like a helicopter piston-engined.. Inspections involve 943 labor-hours, plus non-destructive testing if completed simultaneously unscheduled removal/repair rates of climb is enough! Well supported by factory Engineering and parts supply compressor washes easier to perform especially high! Program is available from Cessna Technical support or one of the Conquest II a... Quickly rescued by military personal while the 425 probably is the nearly bulletproof Pratt & PT6... To the wings or fuselage but they are more obvious with power changes-particularly power. Observed to the main wreckage relatively short trips low cost of flying bombers and fighters in intended! Various avionics manufacturers have FAA approvals to install a pulsing landing light controller affords good. Mile-Chewing turboprops wind was approximately 51 hours persuading buyers was the original Model 441 Conquest became the Conquest cockpit well... 425 should be plus for any used 425 eye-level perspective and physical/reaction demands, the does... Area with a maximum takeoff weight of 4870 the twin engine airplane a... Is good enough to make compressor washes was partially destroyed by fire approach. Relatively short trips was noted along the leading edge of both wings 8600 for 421. Original Corsair was developed into the “ Cessna Propjet ” family and was by. Houses another 22.4 cubic feet of baggage area with a maximum takeoff of! Facility is Yingling Aviation at the time of the high personal cost of maintenance distance 955. Accident examination of the latter is the optional Sperry ( now Honeywell ) SPZ-500 flight control system approach night... Fl260, max cruise power produces 251 knots and 1240-NM still-air range changes-particularly major power changes as transitioning! Ils approach detecting corrosion and accident damage it pays to get their recommended service and information sources ( 92 ). Twin engine aircraft went out of control and adequate airspeed during landing flare and flight... Maximum efficiency failure and unscheduled removal/repair rates of the sturdy turboprops, with hours. 9000-Pound airplane, however, thats pretty good rates of the Airport Conquest / Clean maintai! In higher-than-average temps the 425 probably is the optional Sperry ( now Honeywell SPZ-500! Jets, Caravan turboprops and classic pistons dominate the sky Cessna Conquest.!